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What is PaceNet?

PaceNet is a complete electronic management system for all implanted cardiac devices. It is a database which is hosted on a hospital's server with which all computer terminals in the hospital can interact. It has been designed by clinicians for clinicians to provide a total paperless solution to managing the implantation and follow up of all pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted cardiac pacing devices.

Who is behind PaceNet?

PaceNet was designed by members of the cardiac electrophysiology team at St Mary's Hospital, now Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Initially the project was supported by Dr Foster, a private company, however they subsequently became unable to support it and it is now entirely owned by Clinical Network Systems, a company set up with the specific purpose of delivering PaceNet. Building of the database began in January 2010.

PaceNet philosophy

We believe that PaceNet is the best pacing database currently available. Its primary purpose will always be to deliver an efficient, time-saving, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to a hospital's pacing management needs.

However, Pacenet also has a philosophy, under-pinned by the principles that pacing data should be:

  • stored in a universal format amongst different hospitals
  • owned by the hospitals and independent of device manufacturers
  • inclusive of both implant and follow-up data
  • multi-purpose with no distinction between clinical and audit data
  • networked between hospitals in anonymised format

The networking of hospitals is the key to unlocking the huge benefits which this data should be providing for individual patient care, hospitals and the cardiology community in general. Networking the data allows it to deliver:

  • surveillance of hardware performance and cost-effectiveness
  • improvement of implantation techniques and programming practice
  • dissemination of knowledge from sites of best practice
  • insight into cardiac diseases and their treatment

In all cases data must be anonymised. Only individual hospitals can view their own data. The fields within PaceNet and the use of the data resources generated by it should be determined under the guidance of a committee made up of its users.

This is why we believe that PaceNet is the system that the UK's pacing community should adopt to allow it to lead the world in surveillance, best practice and research.