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About Clinical Network Systems

Clinical Network Systems designs and builds databases and other tailored software products for use by hospitals and other healthcare providers. Its first and archetypal product is PaceNet, a database for implanted cardiac devices which creates a network amongst its users.

We specialise in bridging the gap between clinicians and programmers to create unique products. Our team can sit down with a client to understand their clinicians' needs and create with them the outline of a database to suit these requirements. We then translate this into a full blueprint for our programmers and work iteratively with the client to rapidly turn around a working database at competitive prices.

While able to flexibly deliver a wide range of products, we often recommend working around the following principles:

  • Merging of clinical and audit data. The ideal audit data are extracts of live clinical data. This ensures accuracy, detail and timeliness.
  • Networking. Data stored on a single machine delivers limited benefits. We are expert in building systems which store data centrally and synch it across multiple machines. Amongst other benefits, this allows networks to be built between organisations to allow them to communicate and, if desirable, to share data to allow intelligent analysis.
  • Java platform. Building in Java is more difficult than on other platforms such as Microsoft's .NET, however the end results are slicker and more functional. They also eliminate the need for buying expensive 3rd party licences, now or in the future. Our team is specialised in building on the Java platform.